Why Social by Des?

Social media is the mainstay of modern life for millions and reaching out to users via these platforms is necessary for businesses to keep growing and not be forgotten.  The world of social media changes and expands daily, with new tools, new sites, new platforms and new rules constantly being established. I understand that at times it can be overwhelming and tedious and I am here to help with that. Social by Des provides you with a dedicated social media manager that always has your business and best interests in mind. For you, I will develop a social media strategy that is active and strategic, creating a voice for your brand that fits your social media strategy.

When you hire Social by Des, you are getting dedicated attention to your social media needs and a partner in your success.




At Social by Des we take the guess work out of social media.  Our management includes managing your company’s posts to your social media channels, responding to questions, comments and mentions, and engaging with your audience on your behalf. We let you focus on running your business, you know longer have to stress and wonder if you are active and engaging enough in the world of social media. Social media provides plenty of advertising opportunities in addition to organic growth. When you decide it is the right time to advertise on social media we will manage your online ad campaign to target the correct audiences and meet your goals.



Social by Des is able to develop meaningful content that is strategic & engaging.   We do this by not just posting but by researching hashtags, following others, subscribing to different industry related feeds, & listening to the voice of your customer.

Social by Des takes time to learn about your company’s identity and how you have built your brand.  We discuss your goals with you and help you create the best social voice possible to reach your goals and get the best interaction with your current and new customers via social media.



Your business’s reputation is everything.  A good reputation builds trust and reliability and the opposite is true of a bad reputation.  Social by Des watches for mentions, comments and feedback regarding your brand.  We make sure that any feedback, whether positive or negative is responded to appropriately, helping to support your online reputation.



Monitoring your competition gives a look at what the customers are following, what they like, and what your competition is doing. Social by Des will research your competition, follow them, and investigate their strategy. Following the competition does not mean you need to copy, but go beyond their strategy to gain new customers for your brand.



What good is a strategy if you don’t know how it is working? Social by Des analyzes important data throughout the month to learn whether our strategy for your social media is achieving it’s goals.  Your audience is unique, and this allows us to find what best resonates with your followers.  Our strategy is constantly being updated, and improved based on the analysis of this data which we always share and discuss with you.



Do you have projects that you need help with? Not enough time for the mundane activities in your day? Social by Des can also help you with those tasks.  We can be your virtual assistant, to help get the job done.


TRUST is key for current customers and factors into building a relationship with your audience, and future customers.  Active posts to social media platforms, using strategic post procurement and placement on a regular basis while engaging with your audience, establishes this TRUST that allows your audience to look to you and your business for informative, fun, and trustworthy information.  Done correctly, your social media channels will not only grow by your ad dollar but organically.

We want your audience to look forward to seeing what you will post next, whether it be a funny antidote, a blog post, news sharing or even a live hosted twitter chat.

Our Process

Research & Discovery

The first step in a successful partnership between you and Social by Des is for us to get to know your brand and industry.  Who your competition is, what your goals are, and where you see yourself in the social media world. In this step we will do our own research as well as talk with you so that we can best understand how we can help you succeed with your social media goals.

Strategy & Planning

Social by Des creates a strategy on how to implement the research and discovery we did.  With your input we develop and plan your social media strategy.   This is where we create the ideas that will become your unique voice on social media to build a consistent, and active engagement with your customers.

Content Curation

Once a plan is made using the first two steps in the process we work diligently on creating top notch content for your social media channels.  Images, blogs, videos and polls are just some examples of the content that we will gather together for your organic and paid ad posts.


After we have gathered all the content for your brand we put the plan into action.   We begin launching the ads and making the social media posts, this is where we bring your brand and more importantly your brands voice to life on social media.

Discussion & Analytics

The final step in our process of success is to discuss and present the statistics and analytics behind your campaign.  During implementation of the plan, we are constantly gathering statistics and analytics to learn what content best resonates with your unique audience.  We discuss the analytics learn from that data so we can make the best decisions moving forward.   This might be the most important step because without seeing how a strategy is working, how can you successfully continue to reach your goals?


More than 40 Million Small Business Have Active Pages.


500,000 Tweets Sent Per Day. That's 6,000 A Second.


72 % of Pinners Use Pinterest To Make Their Porduct Buying Decisons.


467 Million Total Users.


4,200,000,000 Likes Per Day.


Grows By 33 % Every Year.

“Not all social media channels are created equal.  We help you figure out what channels best fit your brand and utilize them.”


Hi, and thanks for stopping by Social by Des!  Let me introduce myself, my name is Deseray, named after A Ray of Sunshine on the Desert.  I was born and raised in Southern Nevada where I grew up as an only child in the Mojave Desert outside of Las Vegas.  I developed a creative side to my personality at a very young age and always sought ways to put my creative spirit to use.  I’ve been called a dreamer and I’m fine with that.  What good are we without dreams?


I am currently living as a “TechnoGypsy.” What is that you ask?  It is a new generation of travelers that work on the go.  My husband and I have owned tech based companies for the past 15+ years allowing us to work anywhere with an internet or cell connection.  We live and work out of our RV, constantly exploring and enjoying new places and experiences.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  I put these degrees to work before I even graduated becoming a Broadcast Newscast Director, a field I worked in for over 10 years. Communication is an expansive tool and I have decided to put my degree to work in the social media field.  I am a social media guru that loves the possibilities social media outlets provide on so many levels.  Now, more than ever, social media is THE place to be.  Whether you use it as a way to keep up with the times, communicate with your customers, or advertise to the masses, YOU need it.  I would love to help you manage your social media strategies and help your business succeed!

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you just about everywhere.

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